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The tale is a lie

What it tells is the truth.

–Traditional Folklore Ending

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Bent Trees (Osage Orange)
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Decembers’ Featured Indie Author:

Sef Hughes

Author of the short story collection Salt Water. See December’s newsletter for more.

November’s featured indie author– Chris L. Meyers is the author of The Legends of Aeo series. See November’s newsletter for more.


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The Devil and Ella Davis: A Folklore Fantasy Novel

Ella is stranded in her own life until she makes good on a family debt to the devil. If only she could talk to her husband.

Available for purchase

Mostly Short Fiction–See the Menu Above
Jared Sparks Ghost Detective

Anastasia Brown finds employment with the Jared Sparks Agency just as she is about to run out of funds and have to go back to Atlanta. Jared Sparks is more spirit than matter, but Anastasia is looking for adventure. She has found it.


See the Archives for articles on American folklore.

Old Field in Autumn
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Ann H. Myers writes realistic fantasy fiction. Her WIP is The Sixth Generation. She takes a lot of photographs and posts them on this blog. A page for Free Images is under construction.

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