Reading For Writers and Writing to Be Read: Love and Support for Indie Authors

Sometimes It’s Time to Let Things Go

A man walks through an autumn field in the evening. It represents letting go.
Old Field
Photo by Ann H Myers

I changed the tagline on this blog from A celebration of American folklore to A celebration of indie author fiction. Although I continue to have an interest in American folklore, my interests and writing are bending toward other things.

A creek in summertime where the blogger grew up. She has let go of it since the property is now sold.
I played in this creek.
Photo by Ann H Myers

A writer’s lift for indie authors

In 2009, when I finished NaNoWriMo, I had 50,020 words, many scenes, and no real plot. I kept writing, making writing a habit. I started The Tale Is a Lie and self-published my first novel. Just as I had to let go of my childhood home when my parents sold it this year, I also gave up other habits in order to make writing fit.

Milkweed in autumn represents story.
Photo by Ann H. Myers

Eventually, I Made Reading Fit Too

I have downloaded and read dozens of 99 cent and free books. To read indie fiction and not be overly critical, it helps to read like a writer. Is there story? If yes, forgive. Is the work polished? Probably not. Is it weird, choppy, underdeveloped, overly wordy, and otherwise non-reader friendly? Maybe. Too many cliches? The entire book is a cliche? Not usually.

Milkweed 2 has a different story than the first milkweed photo.
Milkweed 2
Photo by Ann H Myers

Indie fiction offers story

Despite newbie mistakes, indie authors have fresh ideas and creative stories. They take chances sometimes by not knowing better, but often because to fly one has to jump.

Sometimes rejection streams down like the water on this windshield.
At the car wash
Photo by Ann H Myers

Sticking to Writing like Bird Guano to Glass

As an indie author, I sometimes feel like the poop on my windshield. I’m going to stick defiantly to that glass as long as possible against the rejection streaming down on me. Even if the water pressure flicks me off, I’ll be back tomorrow or next spring just like the robins whose poop is featured above.

Trees bending toward other things.
Bent Tree Path
Photo by Ann H Myers

Buy and Read Independent Authors

Of course, I mean support me, but I also mean all of us. I will sometimes be using this blog to introduce independent authors. You can also check my page Molasses in January for their books and others I have read.

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Featured Author: Tammie Painter

I have read her book The Trials of Hercules: Book One of the Osteria Chronicles. You can read this as a stand alone without buying into the series. I loved it because I am a mythology nerd from grade school on. See Tammie Painter’s page on Amazon.

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