November Newsletter: Comments Abroad, Are We There Yet, NaNoWriMo SHOUT Out, Discounts!, Featured Indie Author

Debut Newsletter

Featured in this post are Blog Refresher; Daydreams Abroad, an indulging of my nostalgia for places I cannot visit; Are We There Yet?, one homebound Pennsylvanian’s version of analyzing statistics; a Shout Out to NaNoWriMo; WIP The Sixth Generation; Novel Promotions in honor of National Novel Writing Month; and November Featured Indie Author, Chris L. Meyers.

Blog Refresher

The Home page of The Tale Is a Lie has a new theme with the photograph below featured. I am trying to clean things up and make navigation easier. Comments welcome.

Where I’ve Been
Photo by Ann H. Myers

Comments (and Daydreams) Abroad: Greece

I have been to Greece and want to go back. Not so easy. U.S. citizens residing within the United States are currently banned from entering Greece for non-essential travel, such as tourism, unless they have EU passports. Since I can’t get there, I am writing about it.

Athens, Greece 2002 and Michaux State Forest, PA 2020


It seems to me that the Greeks think they are the best at a lot of things–philosophy, mathematics, and agriculture for a few. I have no argument about Greek wine making. Greek wine certainly tastes like the best in the world when you are drinking it under a blue sky in Athens. Greek liquors, oh my, and I’m not much of a drinker even. Ouzo may come to mind though I’ve never tasted it. Greek liquors come in an incredible number of varieties and are delicious. They also have multi-syllabic names that I cannot remember.

Greek olive oil? So good, and probably the best.

Greek honey? After 4,000 years of best bee keeping practices including the rotating of hives around the country for maximum exposure to plants, Greek honey is most likely the best as claimed in this article.

A jar of honey next to a white pitcher
Mel non Graecum
Photo by Ann H. Myers

Greek Scientist is the Best

Spyros Pandis, a professor at the University of Patras, has received a prestigious award for his studies in the atmospheric sciences. It is the Vilhelm Bjerknes medal given by the European Geosciences Union. Pandis’s research shows how our atmosphere interacts with pollutants.

In the middle of difficulty lies opportunity.

Albert Einstein

Thales of Miletus (Greek) is known for his earthquake theory explaining how earthquakes act. Earth floats on water.


Photo by Krissara Lertnimanorladee on Unsplash


Photo by CDC on Unsplash

Jonas Salk was a researcher from New York City who developed the Polio vaccine at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania.

Neither Thales nor Salk are pictured.

Are We There Yet? How Much Longer?

This comparison of Greece to Pennsylvania with regard to COVID-19 is both serious and with humor intended. All statistics were found online on November 1, 2020. In population, Greece and Pennsylvania are similar in size. Greece has a 1,110 km land border with four countries (Albania, Bulgaria, Macedonia, and Turkey) while the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania has more than 1,300 km of border with six highly populated states (New York, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, West Virginia, Ohio).

COVID-19Population in 2020# of Cases# of Deaths# of Times Hosting
the Olympics
Greece10.4 million  39,252  6261896, 2004
Pennsylvania12.7 million205,5178,7840,,
Chart by Ann H. Myers

Shout Out to National Novel Writing Month …

and the service this contest does for writers. There is no other way to write than to begin.

In honor of NaNoWriMo:

Print copies of The Devil and Ella Davis here are reduced from $21 to $12 until copies 14 to 21 are sold or November ends. Prime #s 17 and 19 are $7.75. At the end of November, print copies will return to the original price. Donations for library copies will be accepted.

Have you already read my book? Please leave a review, or help out another independent author by reading and reviewing a book in November. Thank you!

Although I am not registered for NaNoWriMo, I wish best writing to all who are. My goal will be to write 25,000 keeper words in November. Daily word goal (DWG) is 835.

Update on 11/15 is 7529/25000 accomplished. 17, 543 to go. That’s a DWG of 1170.

WIP: The Sixth Generation

The Sixth Generation is the working title for my work in a progress, a novel.

Description: Eight months away from becoming a mother, Lizzie wants nothing more than to nest. Those idyllic plans are busted when her partner is taken hostage. She must make an alliance with an unlikely family member in order to bring him home.

1) Hill opposing Athens’ Acropolis 2) Near Millersburg, PA
Photos by Ann H. Myers

A goal is met and there is barely a breather. So much more to do and learn! What goes up must come down.

The Bahawre Legend (Legends of Aeo, Books 1-3)

Sky and Water
Photo by Ann H. Myers

Chris L. Meyers is the author of The Legends of Aeo series. He is also my featured indie author for November. Interestingly enough, back in September Chris L. Meyers published an article on his blog called Being an Author Is a Difficult Job. Everything he writes in this article is heartfelt and true.

I simply cannot do all of it….I didn’t schedule time for [this post] or plan on writing it. If not for a moment of frustration looking for a place to market my books, it probably wouldn’t have happened.

And to top it all off, my SEO plugin is telling me this post doesn’t score well.

Chris L Meyers

December Newsletter

The December Newsletter might include the third and last installment of Jared Sparks Ghost Detective, another Comments (and Daydreams) Abroad, updates on NaNoWriMo and WIP, and whatever else pops into my cranium. Thank you for reading.

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2 thoughts on “November Newsletter: Comments Abroad, Are We There Yet, NaNoWriMo SHOUT Out, Discounts!, Featured Indie Author

  1. I’ve enjoyed browsing your site and reading your posts. Thanks for mentioning my books! I’m glad you enjoyed them. You might be interested to know that I have completed the series. The Bahawre Secret is now available on Amazon. Print and kindle. (I’m running a free kindle promo on Dec 15 – 16, so if you wait a bit you can get a free copy)

    Sorry about putting all of this in a comment. I didn’t see a contact page.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. No problem. I guess I need to add a contact form somewhere. I will look for your promo but don’t mind purchasing! I took a break from blogging to write during November so sorry for seeing this so late.

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