The Devil and Ella Davis

Print copies available #s 12-21

The Devil and Ella Davis

Perfect bound copy, printed in Harrisburg, PA. Signed by the author. Only 50 copies were printed. As of November 1, 2020 copies 12-21 are available for sale reduced from $21 to $12. In honor of National Novel Writing Month, the sale continues to the end of November or until copy #21 is sold.


The Devil and Ella Davis

Not superstitious at all? Copy #13 is available at a special price. First come first served.


Novel construction began in July 2018. The author wrote almost 200,000 words. Next she spent six months cutting this unwieldiness down to just under 100K. Once the manuscript was ready, her education in publishing began. Now she is full tilt into the third stage of marketing.

Author Bio
Ann H. Myers writes in York, Pennsylvania where she lives with her husband.  Although she has a degree in Fiction Writing, she waited to acquire a degree in life before writing The Devil and Ella Davis.  When not teaching or writing, she loves to venture outdoors.

Pacific Ocean
Photo by E. Myers
For Purchase on Amazon (ebook)
Available on Kindle for $2.99

Novel Description
Pittsburgh, 1982. When a mysterious stranger pulls Ella Davis back thirty years through time, she is reintroduced to Adam Baptista, a baseball player who claims to be the devil. Baptista wants Ella to take on the burden of her family debt. As the recent widow of a farmer, Ella is not prepared to relive her life, especially not on the devil’s terms. Though she yearns for her old life, she soon realizes that she will not get back there unless she lives it again.  If only she could talk to her husband. 

While Baptista does his best to overwrite her first life, Ella turns to unlikely allies for information and assistance with Baptista’s demands–Yaz Callisto, a Venezuelan cousin whom she has never met before; Robin Goodsells, Baptista’s right-hand man with whom she has an unpleasant history; and a traveler who goes by the name Mercury. Even as Baptista seeks to divide them, Ella must draw her family members together and prepare them for the future. Determinedly, she seeks out what she has already earned, confronts the past which is ahead of her, and ultimately becomes more than what she already was.

Ann H. Myers ©2020

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