Pennsylvania Keystone State: Philadelphia Freedom, Songs Old, New, and Blue

When I went to Pitt, there was a rivalry known as Pitt vs. Penn State. In Pennsylvania, you almost had to pick a side. And then the rivalry went away but why rehash it.

It’s a shame because Pitt vs. Penn State helped us vent every year. Now those divisions build up for four years until the tension comes out in an election year. We go back and forth.

It’s a battleground (Gettysburg, PA)
Photo by Ann H. Myers

If Pitt won in a given year, we had bragging rights briefly. Usually, it didn’t last long because Pitt fans are outnumbered by the masses. If Penn State lost, their fans got a whole year to brag about it. That’s fine. There was always next year.

You go back to what you’re doing, and you get along with each other. What’s more important anyway? A friendship or a game? A colleague or an election?

I posted an update to my Songs Old, New, and Blue (“Philadelphia Freedom”, “Allentown”, and “Everything Your Heart Desires”). Check them out here.

Music is the great uniter. An incredible force. Something that people who differ on everything and anything else can have in common.

Sarah dessen

Stay safe. Wash your hands. Love your neighbor (yes, even that guy with the Penn State flag on his roof).

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