December Newsletter: Home Is Where, Comments Abroad, What I Want for Christmas, Sef Hughes, Featured Indie Author

Home Is Where I Am (All the Time)

Advance apologies for this Pennsylvania-centric post. I travel in my mind to places past and future, London and Yellowstone, and I tell you what I want for Christmas. December’s featured indie author is Sef Hughes.

woods and rocks
Pennsylvania near me
Photo by Ann H. Myers
mountain laurel along a path
Pennsylvania also near me
Photo by Ann H. Myers

the sun shining through autumn brush
Pennsylvania sunny day
Photo by Ann H. Myers

November Recap

For NaNoWriMo (National Novel Writing Month), I decided to write 25,000 words. I was 2,878 words short. Thanksgiving, work, and depression got in my way. This is what November looked like.

a gray, rainy day in November
Rain on My Window
Photo by Ann H. Myers

Rainfall in November

November is a rainy month here in Pennsylvania. So rainy, in fact, I decided to compare my home to other places known for wet climates. I’m not moving to Portland any time soon.

Rainfall inHarrisburg, PALondon, UKPortland, OR
November 20203 inches2.3 inches5.6 inches
Sketchy Stats Gleaned from the Internet

Yup, lots of rain, some writing progress, hardly any reading. I read two books and one was for children.

Comments Abroad: London vs. Yellowstone

This is London where I have not been. Maybe we can go in Fall of 2021.

the London Eye in an urban landscape
Photo by Michael Pearl on T
This is the future.
spouting mud puddle at Yellowstone National Park
Yellowstone 2019
Photo by Ann H. Myers

Yellowstone is the ghost of vacations past. I am grateful for having been to this amazing place, one of the best places in all the world.

What I Want For Christmas

In case you did not take advantage of Black Friday or Cyber Monday, here are ideas for you based on what I want for Christmas. Other people might like these things too.

A Christmas Tree. I would like a three-foot Christmas tree, artificial, that I can take with me to the cabin my husband rented for Christmas, his way of consoling me.

This will be the first Christmas after selling my parents’ place. We will be spending the holiday only a half hour from their former property. I might do a drive by but probably not. Too sad.

Pocket Digital Camera. I have been using my phone a lot and would like to improve on the quality of my photographs.

Hind running gloves with lights. This must be a hot item because I cannot find them. But my sister-in-law has a pair, and I like them. Must have.

Portable Camping chair. It must be lightweight and durable. Resistant to campfire sparks a plus. I sit too close.

Watering bulbs. These are big ones. I need small ones too. Watering bulbs can help you eliminate mold gnats. Who knew? I need them because otherwise I will eventually kill my plants.

plant with red leaves in a window
Kathy2 (the name of this plant), Kathy1 is dead
Photo by Ann H. Myers

Lunch with my friends. I promise not ever to take this for granted again. Please Santa.

Jared Sparks Ghost Detective: When Spirits and Chemicals Mix

I am publishing the third and final (for now) installment on the same day as this newsletter. Here are the links to this short story series.

Investigator Wanted

The Case of the Missing Ghost

When Spirits and Chemicals Mix

December’s Featured Indie Author: Sef Hughes

Not having much time to read in November, I turned to short stories. I read Salt Water by Sef Hughes. This a short story collection. The stories are about revenge, loss, acceptance, and other themes, always with a twist. As I was reading a story, I was trying to make sense of the characters and their motives. Right at the moment I thought I had it figured out, I was caught off guard. Salt Water is in print or ebook on Amazon.

November’s Featured Indie Author, Chris L. Meyers, has completed his series. The Bahawre Secret is now available on Amazon, print and Kindle. He is running a free kindle promo on Dec 15 – 16.

Songs Old, New, and Blue

I add songs occasionally to this page. This image below shows the most recent additions.

Photos by Ann H. Myers

Introduce me to a favorite song!

$7.75 or $12–Discounts through December

The Devil and Ella Davis: A Folklore Fantasy Novel is on sale through December.

Upcoming in January

January’s newsletter will include Comments Abroad, December Recap (What I Got for Christmas), some original fiction (maybe), and January’s Featured Indie Author. As always, suggestions and comments welcome. Please subscribe!

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