January Newsletter: Christmas Abroad, Gift Tally, Snowball Fight, Let It Snow and Go, Featured 2020 Indie Author, Favorite Music of 2020

Christmas gifts, snowball fights, and a 2020 recap–more to come in the New Year.

December Newsletter: Home Is Where, Comments Abroad, What I Want for Christmas, Sef Hughes, Featured Indie Author

Right at the moment I thought I had it figured out, I was caught off guard.

November Newsletter: Comments Abroad, Are We There Yet, NaNoWriMo SHOUT Out, Discounts!, Featured Indie Author

Debut Newsletter Featured in this post are Blog Refresher; Daydreams Abroad, an indulging of my nostalgia for places I cannot visit; Are We There Yet?, one homebound Pennsylvanian’s version of analyzing statistics; a Shout Out to NaNoWriMo; WIP The Sixth Generation; Novel Promotions in honor of National Novel Writing Month; and November Featured Indie Author,Continue reading “November Newsletter: Comments Abroad, Are We There Yet, NaNoWriMo SHOUT Out, Discounts!, Featured Indie Author”

The Devil and Ella Davis

Print copies available #s 12-21 Novel construction began in July 2018. The author wrote almost 200,000 words. Next she spent six months cutting this unwieldiness down to just under 100K. Once the manuscript was ready, her education in publishing began. Now she is full tilt into the third stage of marketing. Author BioAnn H. MyersContinue reading “The Devil and Ella Davis”

Reading For Writers and Writing to Be Read: Love and Support for Indie Authors

To read indie fiction and not be overly critical, it helps to read like a writer. Is there story? If yes, forgive.

Jared Sparks Ghost Detective #2: The Case of the Missing Ghost

Before she entered Murphy’s Pub, her third Irish bar in two days, Anastasia Brown sent a text to the office. She was supposedly snarled in traffic as she returned from the courthouse with a copy of the deed Jared needed. She worked for the Sparks Agency, a ghost and nephew run firm. Even though Anastasia’sContinue reading “Jared Sparks Ghost Detective #2: The Case of the Missing Ghost”

Jared Sparks Ghost Detective: Investigator Wanted

Anastasia Brown stepped down from the bus, narrowly avoiding a puddle with one foot but straight into it with the left. She was wearing her black, sparkly pumps she had bought for an evening medical school party. She knew they were inappropriate for an interview. Groceries or new shoes–such were her choices these days. WithContinue reading “Jared Sparks Ghost Detective: Investigator Wanted”

Back Porch Reading #4

Short reading recommendations, as you escape your house/office for a mug of joe on the porch–Sasquatch and Silver Lands folklore, a short story by Mark Twain, and a few comments about music. Sasquatch and the Bear American Folklore is a favorite website of mine for short reading. It is a whole library of stories fromContinue reading “Back Porch Reading #4”