Back Porch Reading #4

Short reading recommendations, as you escape your house/office for a mug of joe on the porch–Sasquatch and Silver Lands folklore, a short story by Mark Twain, and a few comments about music. Sasquatch and the Bear American Folklore is a favorite website of mine for short reading. It is a whole library of stories fromContinue reading “Back Porch Reading #4”

Back Porch Reading

Recommendations for short reading, as you escape your house/office for a mug of joe on the porch–a blog post, a short story, and a few speeches. Women Artists in Brittany Stunning images and stellar research about women who produced art while living in Brittany. If you love art or history or both, check out thisContinue reading “Back Porch Reading”

Smallpox Introduced to American Natives

A Summary of “Smallpox fears stir memories of heavy toll Indians suffered” by Donna Healy A Billings Gazette article from 2003 discusses how smallpox was spread among Native Americans especially the Blackfeet and Crow tribes. Significant to our present situation with COVID-19, smallpox was a disease well-known and constantly present in Europe, but deadly toContinue reading “Smallpox Introduced to American Natives”